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Where are hydraulic pumps more efficient than electric pumps? April 15, 2015

Hydraulic pumps are energy savers as compared to any conventional electric motors because in a hydraulic device the energy is stored in a pressurised fluid form and released only when needed. Electric equipments can have a trip out resulting in shutting down of electromechanical equipments in huge operations like laying concrete for a sewage line. Whereas, hydraulics usually use nitrogen – a compressible gas, to store energy. Hydraulic Oil storage tanks in ships ensure that a contaminated oil or leak can be changed or refilled wherever the ship is sailing without off-hire time. Hydraulic pumps save energy in case of slow moving machines. You can buy hydraulic pumps online if you’re in UK.

The overall efficiency is dependent on the gearbox and the motor put together. Hydraulic pumps have an advantage in clamping too. A load holding, motionless hydraulic actuator uses no power if proper valve is provided, while in electric motors it is not possible without a braking mechanism or complex machinery. Energy efficient hydraulics ensures fuel economy in the long run. There are many fuel efficiency hydraulic gears like valves, pumps, seals, fluids and filters. Making the hydraulic pumps run only when needed, by additional controls, and doing away with energy waste in idling can make hydraulics extra efficient.

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